My name is Oskar Wickström, and this is my personal website. I write about software design, testing, functional programming, open source software, and other delightful things I like to share.

Growing up in the Swedish countryside, I was one of those spoiled early 90’s kids who had a Pentium III processor and loads of RAM. On our home built PCs, packed with neon lights and fans, we played Quake III, Warcraft III, and Counter Strike, at countless LAN parties. Nonetheless, I’ll nod and smile politely while you tell your tales from the Amiga and Commodore 64 days.

I still live in Sweden. My free time is mostly spent on gardening, playing drums, and hanging out with my family, friends, and mother nature. Every now and then I speak at conferences and meetups.

To contact me by email, use my first name and this domain name. Otherwise I’m on Twitter at times.