Having tried a lot of color schemes for editors, especially for Vim, I have gotten quite picky. All right, very picky. Most of the time Vim has been configured to use Tomorrow Night or Gruvbox. Although they’re great, they have felt a bit over the top. Also, depending on where I’m sitting at the moment I use both dark and light backgrounds for best contrast.

The last couple of days I’ve tried off with some small modifications for accent colors, e.g. number, strings and escape sequences. This setup fit my taste very well so I decided to package that as a color scheme for Vim. I call it Paramount.

The goal of Paramount is to not clutter your editor with all colors of the rainbow, just to keep it simple. It uses three monochrome colors for most text together with a purple accent color. Diffs and some errors use red and green colors.

Paramount is based on the pencil and off color schemes. Thanks for the great work on those projects!


The following screenshots show some Go code together with the Latin Modern Mono font on light and dark backgrounds.

…and if you use the Monaco font to show the Ruby code from vimcolors.com:


Simply copy the color scheme file to your ~/.vim/colors directory or use a plugin manager like Plug or Vundle and add "owickstrom/vim-colors-paramount" as a plugin.

The source is available on GitHub. You can preview the theme on the ~/.vim/colors site.