In the last post I shared the results from testing TodoMVC implementations using WebCheck. The project has since been renamed Quickstrom (thank you Tom) and is now released as open source.

What is Quickstrom?

Quickstrom is a new autonomous testing tool for the web. It can find problems in any type of web application that renders to the DOM. Quickstrom automatically explores your application and presents minimal failing examples. Focus your effort on understanding and specifying your system, and Quickstrom can test it for you.

Past and future

I started writing Quickstrom on April 2, 2020, about a week after our first child was born. Somehow that code compiled, and evolved into a capable testing tool. I’m now happy and excited to share it with everyone!

In the future, when Quickstrom is more robust and has a greater mileage, I might build a commercial product on top of it. This one of the reasons I’ve chosen an AGPL-2.0 license for the code, and why contributors must sign a CLA before pull requests can be merged. The idea is to keep the CLI test runner AGPL forever, but I might need a license exception if I build a closed-source SaaS product later on.

Learning more

Interested in Quickstrom? Start by checking out any of these resources:

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